Thursday, April 16, 2015

SALE: Parmar Silk Saree

To purchase, please send me your detail such as Full Name, Complete Address and Code Item to:
+60183144177 or +60127889077 - Email

 PSC 189 RM165 Now RM150 Purplish Brown : Available

PSC 190 RM165 Now RM150 Rosewood : Available
PSC 191 RM165 Now RM150 Rosewood : Available

PSC 192 RM165 Now RM150 Coral Red : SOLD to latifah

PSC 193 RM165 Now RM150 Brown : SOLD to latifah
PSC 194 RM165 Now RM150 Brown : Available

PSC 195 RM165 Now RM150 Emerald Green : Available
PSC 196 RM165 Now RM150 Emerald Green : Available

To purchase, please send me your detail such as Full Name, Complete Address and Code Item to:
Contact: (Nahar)
Sms - 0127889077
Sms/ Mms/ Whatsapp - 0183144177

Enjoy some close up picture taken on two samples of seal brown in colour of Parmar Silk Sarees:

Testimoni : Thank you Miss Julia for sharing the photo.

Monday, April 13, 2015

SALE : Punjabi Suit

Punjabi Suit didatangkan dengan 3 bahagian untuk setiap 1 set yang mengandungi: 
a) 2.5 meter bahagian top (cotton), 
b) 2.5 meter bahagian bottom/salwar (cotton) dan 
c) 2.15meter untuk selendang dupatta (chiffon). 
Sesuai untuk dijadikan baju kurung biasa atau kurung moden, 100% kapas dari India.

To purchase, please send me your detail such as Full Name, Complete Address and Code Item to:
+60183144177 or +60127889077 - Email

 PS640 RM120 Now RM110: SOLD to fiqah

PS641 RM120 Now RM110: Available

 PS642 RM120 Now RM110: Available

PS643 RM120 Now RM110: Available

PS644 RM120 Now RM110: Available

 PS645 RM120 Now RM110: Available

PS646 RM120 Now RM110: SOLD to juana

 PS647 RM120 Now RM110: Available
PS648 RM120 Now RM110: Available

 PS649 RM120 Now RM110: Available
PS650 RM120 Now RM110: Available

 PS651 RM120 Now RM110: Available
PS652 RM120 Now RM110: Available

PS653 RM120 Now RM110: SOLD to juana

 PS654 RM120 Now RM110: Available

PS655 RM120 Now RM110: Available

PS656 RM120 Now RM110: Available

 PS657 RM120 Now RM110: Available

PS658 RM120 Now RM110: Available

 PS659 RM120 Now RM110: Available

PS660 RM120 Now RM110: BOOKED to fiqah

PS592 RM120 Now RM110: SOLD to anita

PS597 RM120 Now RM110: SOLD to hendon

PS614 RM120 Now RM110: Available
PS615 RM120 Now RM110: Available

PS618 RM120 Now RM110: SOLD

PS635 RM120 Now RM110: SOLD to juana
PS636 RM120 Now RM110: SOLD to nelly

PS638 RM120 Now RM110: SOLD hendon
PS639 RM120 Now RM110: SOLD to azlina
PS639 RM120 Now RM110: Available

Sunday, April 12, 2015

SALE : Fanaa Silk Saree

To purchase, please send me your detail such as Full Name, Complete Address and Code Item to:
+60183144177 or +60127889077 - Email

FS 01 RM110 Now RM90 : SOLD to ina murni
Plain (5.0 meter) - Maroon
Jari (1.15 meter) - Pink

FS 02 RM110 Now RM90 : Available
Plain (5.0 meter) - Mustard
Jari (1.15 meter) - Maroon

FS 03 RM110 Now RM90 : Available
Plain (5.0 meter) - Rosewood
Jari (1.15 meter) - Cream

FS 04 RM110 Now RM90 : Available
Plain (5.0 meter) - White Cream
Jari (1.15 meter) - Brown

FS 05 RM110 Now RM90 : Available
Plain (5.0 meter) - Purple
Jari (1.15 meter) - Oceanic Blue

FS 06 RM110 Now RM90 : Available
Plain (5.0 meter) - Clay
Jari (1.15 meter) - Blue

FS 07 RM110 Now RM90 : SOLD to emy juliana
Plain (5.0 meter) - Fuschia
Jari (1.15 meter) - Navy Blue

FS 08 RM110 Now RM90 : Available
Plain (5.0 meter) - Grey
Jari (1.15 meter) - Rosewood

FS 09 RM110 Now RM90 : Available
Plain (5.0 meter) - Purplish Brown
Jari (1.15 meter) - Blue

FS 10 RM110 Now RM90 : Available
Plain (5.0 meter) - Pastel Purple
Jari (1.15 meter) - Mossy Green

FS 11 RM110 Now RM90 : SOLD to naz
Plain (5.0 meter) - Cyan
Jari (1.15 meter) - Navy Blue

FS 12 RM110 Now RM90 : Available
FS 13 RM110 Now RM90 : Available
Plain (5.0 meter) - Onion Orange
Jari (1.15 meter) - Rosewood

FS 14 RM110 Now RM90 : SOLD to asrin
FS 15 RM110 Now RM90 : Available
Plain (5.0 meter) - Rama Green
Jari (1.15 meter) - Coral Red

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Gitanjali Silk Saree : Shades of Purple

This type of silk saree is strip and unstiched, 6 metres in length. Basic element of saree, it has the spots of woven part. The unique of this saree is that all woven works are neatly embroided with fine silver thread. It has small flower dots woven on the first 1.5 metres, full woven part for 1.5 metres and leaving the rest plain.

To purchase, please text your name, address and the Code Item to:
Nahar - 0127889077 or 0183144177

BSG 63 RM120 Lavender : Available

BSG 64 RM120 Dark Lavender : Available
BSG 65 RM120 Dark Lavender : Available

BSG 66 RM120 Purple : SOLD to rosmaiza
BSG 67 RM120 Purple : Available

 BSG 68 RM120 Dark Purple : Available

 BSG 69 RM120 Maroon : SOLD to bahriah

This demonstration is using one of the nice colour of Black Diamond.