Thursday, July 22, 2010

bangalore silk - first 10 pcs (HABIS LICIN)

BS 63 : RM100 oceanic blue SOLD to puan salhah

BS 64 : RM100 navy blue SOLD to hartini johan

BS 65 : RM100 pinky lavender SOLD to syazlin
BS 66 : RM100 pinky lavender SOLD to rabitah halim

BS 67 : RM100 maroon SOLD
BS 68 : RM100 maroon SOLD to shaguntala devi

BS 69 : RM100 purple pastel SOLD to nurul
BS 70 : RM100 purple pastel SOLD to dalilah

BS 71 : RM100 mahendi green SOLD
BS 72 : RM100 mahendi green SOLD
** very fast selling of 5 pcs, thanks a lot to ika for promoting.

Monday, July 12, 2010

japanese design cotton (1/10)

JC-01 : RM70 ilya marhainis

JC-02 : RM70 SOLD

JC-03 : RM70 SOLD to sri hamidah

JC-04 : RM70 SOLD to tengku lina

JC-05 : RM70 SOLD

JC-06 : RM70 SOLD to ruzziah salman

JC-07 : RM70 available

JC-08 : RM70 SOLD

JC-09 : RM80 SOLD to noryahani **ada bebayang corak

JC-10 : RM80 BOOKED to nurul 3 **ada glitter lining pada corak

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

special occasion, embroided fabric

shaadi light pink 01 : RM170 available

shaadi light cream 02 : RM170 SOLD to balqis subki

**it is hard to explain how does it is, so drop an email to then sareewala will explain personally or will send you another picture that might helps.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

adoring indian chiffon (HABIS LICIN)

CF01 : RM80 SOLD to atiqah

CF02 : RM80 SOLD to miss adeline

CF03 : RM80 SOLD to fawizan mustafa

CF04 : RM80 SOLD to kak jannah

CF05 : RM80 SOLD to amira awang hussein

CF06 : RM80 SOLD to cynthia

**all displayed materials above are very soft, wellknown quality and exclusively chosen by the sareewala.