Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Updating Balance India Cotton (6/13)

 IC321 RM80: SOLD to aliez

IC322 RM80: SOLD to apem

IC323 RM70: SOLD to qaish

IC324 RM70: SOLD to aliez

IC325 RM80: SOLD to qaish

IC326 RM70: SOLD to aliez

IC327 RM80: Available

IC328 RM70: Available

IC329 RM80: Available

IC330 RM80: Available

IC331 RM70: SOLD to wana

IC332 RM70: Available

IC333 RM70: Available

As Updated on 4 Sept 2012

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Updating Balance Punjabi Suit (HABIS)


 PS216 RM120: see latest entry

PS218 RM120: see latest entry

 PS227 RM120: SOLD to yanti

PS216 RM120: see latest entry

PS224 RM120: SOLD to rohaila

PS229 RM120: SOLD

 PS235 RM120: SOLD to rohaila

PS233 RM120: see latest entry

PS232 RM120: see latest entry

 PS242 RM120: SOLD to nazihah

PS241 RM120: SOLD to amira

As updated on 26 Sept 2012

Saturday, June 2, 2012

India Cotton: Tribes Of India (HABIS)

IC285: RM80 SOLD to khaty

IC286: RM80 SOLD to azmila

IC287: RM80 SOLD to dalilah

IC288: RM70 SOLD to yaya
IC289: RM70 SOLD to miss wong

IC290: RM80 SOLD to maz
IC291: RM80 SOLD to ros

IC292: RM80 SOLD to syazreena
IC293: RM80 SOLD to rehan

IC294: RM80 SOLD to azmila
IC295: RM80 SOLD

IC296: RM80 SOLD to aliez

IC297: RM80 SOLD to salwa

IC298: RM80 SOLD

IC299: RM80 SOLD to wan

IC300: RM80 SOLD to qaish

IC301: RM80 SOLD to rosia

IC302: RM70 SOLD
IC303: RM70 SOLD to miss wong

IC304: RM70 SOLD
IC305: RM70 SOLD to wan

IC306: RM70 SOLD to ros

IC307: RM80 SOLD to syamila
IC308: RM80 SOLD to yaya

IC309: RM80 SOLD to azmila
IC310: RM80 SOLD to yaya

IC311: RM70 SOLD

IC312: RM80 SOLD to miss wong

IC313: RM70 SOLD to thrifted thread

IC314: RM70 Available

IC315: RM70 SOLD to ila

IC316: RM70 SOLD to ros

IC317: RM70 SOLD to jannah

IC318: RM70 SOLD

IC319: RM70 SOLD to yaya

IC320: RM70 SOLD to ida rosmiza