Monday, June 21, 2010

hidden closet : 3 sarees to grab (HABIS LICIN)

saya mengemaskini kotak-kotak dan menjumpai 5 pasang kain sari yang masih belum disentuh.

BS 60 : RM100 BOOKED to far **mahendi green with mughlai flower design

BS 61 : RM100 SOLD to atikah abie **plain green with mughlai flower design (picture not available)

BS 62 : RM100 SOLD to zareyna **oceanic blue with mughlai flower design

chiffon saree is coming soon

very special type of saree, had beeing chosen to be the first chiffon saree will published here.
description : 6 meters length, complete saree style (please google yourself the 3 parts of a saree fabric), chiffon and need lining if necessary.
available are white (picture above), maroon, mahendi green, serulean blue and purple. all decorations are same, the bronze sequins and the threadings. pictures of the rest will be uploaded soon. price will be around RM250 (excluding postage).