Monday, August 30, 2010

fresh raibagi silk saree (HABIS LICIN)

from the left : royal grey, cyan, bright cyan, classic maroon, mahendi green, mustard choc & oceanic blue. **forgot to put pastel purple & plain maroon**

RB19 : RM150 royal grey SOLD

RB20 : RM150 cyan SOLD to erdawatie mat nawi

RB21 : RM150 maroon BOOKED to ina

RB22 : RM150 pastel purple SOLD

RB23 : RM150 oceanic SOLD to erdawati mat nawi

RB24 : RM150 oceanic blue SOLD to rani

RB25 : RM150 classic maroon SOLD to hannah **darah ikan**

RB26 : RM150 classic maroon SOLD to puan erna suriaty **darah ikan**

RB27 : RM150 mustard chocolate SOLD to nora che om

RB28 : RM150 mahendi green SOLD to dalilawati

RB29 : RM150 mahendi green SOLD to nasha

RB30 : RM150 bright cyan SOLD to linda sibi

Saturday, August 21, 2010

flowers meet abstract (HABIS LICIN)

JC11 : RM70 SOLD to kak june

JC12 : RM70 SOLD to diana arifin

JC13 : RM70 SOLD to kak june

JC14 : RM70 SOLD to diana arifin

JC15 : RM70 SOLD to shakimah nasha abdullah

JC16 : RM70 SOLD

JC17 : RM70 SOLD to kak june

JC18 : RM70 SOLD to intan

JC19 : RM70 BOOKED to deqna

JC20 : RM70 BOOKED to nurbaya

JC21 : RM70 SOLD to kak june

JC22 : RM70 SOLD

JC23 : RM70 SOLD

JC24 : RM70 SOLD to kak june

JC25 : RM70 SOLD

JC26 : RM70 SOLD to angelinabaya

JC27 : RM70 SOLD to tengku rina

JC28 : RM70 SOLD

JC29 : RM70 SOLD

JC30 : RM70 SOLD to marina abdullah

JC31 : RM70 SOLD

JC32 : RM70 SOLD to zaiton

JC33 : RM70 SOLD to juana

JC34 : RM70 SOLD to angelinabaya

JC35 : RM70 SOLD

JC36 : RM70 SOLD

JC37 : RM70 SOLD to juana

JC38 : RM70 SOLD to ida rosmiza

JC39: RM70 SOLD to ilya marhainis

JC40 : RM70 SOLD to dalilawati

Monday, August 9, 2010


dear my valued visitors,

just a few days ago, i received new sarees freshly brought from india but will not available to be published on this new entry. high demand and possessed by the coming raya celebration, all 40 pieces were sold to advance book-ers within 4 days.

thanks a lot to my regular and new customers, big apology to those who wait for weeks but wont have chance to own. nevertheless, new stock is coming very soon. just need your kind patience to visit this blog, thank you!


coming soon ; raibagi silk sarees.