Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Punjabi Suit New Arrival (HABIS)

PS244 RM120: SOLD to rafidatul

PS245 RM120: SOLD to suehaini

PS246 RM120: SOLD to adila

PS247 RM120: SOLD to qaish

PS248 RM120: SOLD to rafidatul

PS249 RM120: see latest entry

PS250 RM120: SOLD to suehaini

PS251 RM120: SOLD to noriza

PS252 RM120: SOLD to adibah

PS253 RM120: see latest entry

PS254 RM120: SOLD to rohaila

PS255 RM120: SOLD to asyida

PS256 RM120: SOLD to asyida

PS257 RM120: SOLD to asyida

PS258 RM120: SOLD to asyida

PS259 RM120: SOLD to zainab

PS260 RM120: SOLD to zana

PS261 RM120: SOLD to michelle

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rushali (HABIS)

From left: Sand Stone & Rosewood (Classic Maroon)

BSO 123: RM120 Sand Stone SOLD
BSO 124: RM120 Classic Maroon SOLD

From left: Green Tea, Oceanic Blue & Lavender

BSO 125: RM120 Green Tea SOLD to amani
BSO 126: RM120 Oceanic Blue SOLD
BSO 127: RM120 Lavender SOLD to hadibah

From left: Cream, Mustard & Chocolate.

BSO 128: RM120 Cream BOOKED to masmuna
BSO 129: RM120 Mustard SOLD to zal
BSO 130: RM120 Chocolate SOLD
BSO 131: RM120 Chocolate SOLD

As Updated on 8 Nov 2012

Pesona Labuci (HABIS)

All sarees are 6 meters in length.

From left: Pastel Purple, Dark Purple & Purple.

BSS35: RM150 Pastel Purple - SOLD to yulia
BSS36: RM150 Pastel Purple - SOLD
BSS37: RM150 Pastel Purple - SOLD to masmuna
BSS38: RM150 Pastel Purple - SOLD to adila

BSS39: RM150 Dark Purple - SOLD to aminorzira

BSS40: RM150 Red Purple - SOLD to norliza

From left: Navy Blue & Sapphire.

BSS41: RM150 Navy Blue - SOLD to erni
BSS42: RM150 Navy Blue - SOLD

BSS43: RM150 Sapphire - SOLD to erni
BSS44: RM150 Sapphire - SOLD to janna

From left: Moss Green, India Green, Cyan & Mahendi Green.

BSS45: RM150 Moss Green - SOLD to raja

BSS46: RM150 India Green - SOLD to yaya
BSS47: RM150 India Green - SOLD to dyan
BSS48: RM150 India Green - SOLD
BSS49: RM150 India Green - SOLD

BSS50: RM150 Cyan - SOLD to yaya
BSS51: RM150 Cyan - SOLD to dyan
BSS52: RM150 Cyan - SOLD to hasnorwati

BSS53: RM150 Mahendi Green - SOLD to yaya
BSS54: RM150 Mahendi Green - SOLD to dyan
BSS55: RM150 Mahendi Green - SOLD to eza haj

From left: Rosewood (Classic Maroon), Pastel Pink & Sand Stone.

BSS56: RM150 Rosewood - SOLD to adibah
BSS57: RM150 Rosewood - SOLD to asma
BSS58: RM150 Rosewood - SOLD
BSS59: RM150 Rosewood - SOLD

BSS60: RM150 Pastel Pink - SOLD to yulia

BSS61: RM150 Sand Stone - SOLD to yaya

From left: Black Diamond & Royal Grey

BSS62: RM150 Black Diamond - SOLD to dyan

BSS63: RM150 Royal Grey - SOLD to yulia
BSS64: RM150 Royal Grey - SOLD to zal

As Updated on 17 Dec 2012