Sunday, December 14, 2008

Silk Saree from India.

All displayed items were gathered from India, and maybe the coloures were not as original as you watch it here. Pictures won't lie but flash creates confuse. So, if you wish to see and hold them, help yourself to silk store as euromoda etc then you will know what is really india's silk, definitely different to china, korea silk etc..but they are coming with their own style and properties. Those booked pieces will be noted on comment as well soon as i can. Thanks for viewing and have a nice day.

Photo 1 : Aishwarya Bachan in Banaras or Varanasi Saree.

Photo 2 : Among the tourists.

Photo 3 : A man is thinking to get more sarees. It happens, everybody turns blind and confuse to choose the right coloures.

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Seri Labuci

Photo 1 :
Above from left - chocolate, classic maroon, maroon, coral red and pink.
Bottom from left - fancy purple, navy blue, mahendi green and mustard.

Photo 2 : Showing the 3 part. Multi-colouredof cooper threading , sequin embroidery and empty silk. (sample is chocolate in colour)

Photo 3 : Showing the embroided sequin with the eastern archipelago taste.
(sample is maroon in colour)

Bangalore Silk : with cooper threading at woven part

Photo 1 : The coloures are available.(from left-top, 1,2,3,4 then middle 5,6,7,8 then bottom 9,10,11...)
  1. serulean blue
  2. ash grey
  3. mint green
  4. onion orange
  5. pink
  6. pastel purple
  7. maroon
  8. classic maroon
  9. dark purple
  10. mustard
  11. chocolate

Photo 2 : The demo of onion orange, the silver threadings is nicely woven through the fabric of bangalore silk.

Bangalore Silk

Photo 1 : Type A - oceanic blue, purple and maroon.

Photo 2 : Type B - light green, greyish chocolate, pink and light purple.

Photo 3 : Type C - Blue, light green and greyish green.

Photo 4 : Type D - Only grey is available.

Photo 5 : Demo using maroon colour.

Punjabi Suit

Photo 1 : Punjabi suit of indian cotton saree(onion orange), with cotton pants (polka dot) and shading shawl (creep material). The front suit provides embroided flowers using cotton and cooper thread and a little sequins.

Photo 2 : Yellowish chocolate punjabi suit with full ambroided cotton and cooper thread, cotton pants and chiffon material as shawl (creep material).

Saree : Coimbatore Made

Photo 1 : Two pieces each for onion orange and chocolate cream.

Photo 2 : light chocolate, dark chocolate with lines and usual dark brown.

Photo 3 : Two pieces of maroon, pink and purple.

Photo 4 : army black and grey ( 2 pieces).

Photo 5 : Light green, greyish green and dark green.

Photo 6 : Demo with maroon.