Friday, September 11, 2009

LELONG : Raibagi the sulam silk saree (HABIS LICIN)

RB-01 : RM150 SOLD **light bronze

RB-02 : RM150 SOLD **silver

RB-03 : RM150 SOLD to hamidah **charcoal

RB-04 : RM150 SOLD to nazwa zarzuza **bright turquoise

RB-05 : RM150 SOLD **mustard choc

RB-06 : RM150 SOLD to haniza soid hamidi **mahendi green

RB-07 : RM150 SOLD to azlin sofina **navy blue
RB-08 : RM150 SOLD

RB-09 : RM150 SOLD to kak dayah **oceanus blue
RB-10 : RM150 SOLD to kak faizah

RB-11 : RM150 SOLD to aniza isa **coral red

RB-12 : RM150 BOOK to orang di London ** maroon
RB-13 : RM150 SOLD

RB-14 : RM150 SOLD to roziah samaan **classic maroon (darah ikan)
RB-15 : RM150 BOOKED to kak faizah

RB-16 : RM150 SOLD to azmila ahmad **pastel purple
RB-17 : RM150 SOLD
RB-18 : RM150 SOLD to lily fadhilah


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SYED NAHAR said...

may i know who is the sender?? seriously u made me wonder...