Thursday, February 10, 2011

Embroided Punjabi Dress: Full Cotton (HABIS)

PS 17 : RM90 SOLD to jijie
(Top: pink with green tea embroidery, Salwar: green tea, Dupatta: pink & green tea)

PS 18 : RM90 SOLD to lily

(Top: yellow with smoky blue embroidery, Salwar: smoky blue, Dupatta: yellow and smoky blue)

PS 19 : RM90 SOLD to lily

(Top: pink with serulean blue embroidery, Salwar: pink, Dupatta: pink and serulean blue)

PS 20 : RM90 SOLD to hamidah

(Top: cream with multi-choc embroidery, Salwar: cream, Dupatta: cream)

PS 21 : RM90 SOLD to ayu

(Top: white with multi-cream embroidery, Salwar: cream, Dupatta: white and cream)

PS 22 : RM90 SOLD to rafidatul

(Top: blue with cream & brown embroidery, Salwar: brown, Dupatta: blue and brown)

PS 23 : RM90 SOLD to qaish

(Top: serulean blue with blue & black embroidery, Salwar: serulean blue, Dupatta: serulean blue)

PS 24 : RM90 SOLD to miss wong
(Top: pink with pink & black embroidery, Salwar: pink, Dupatta: pink)

PS 25 : RM90 BOOKED to farahin
(Top: green tea with green & black embroidery, Salwar: green tea, Dupatta: green tea)

What a Punjabi Set is?
Punjabi Set for suiting comes in 3 pieces. Top is about 2.2 meters but only half of it is embroided. Salwar (bottom) is about same length but fully plain without embroidery. Meanwhile the Dupatta is made of 2 meters chiffon used as a veil (like a Selendang for punjabi woman) that very soft and transparent.

as updated on sunday, 27 mar 2011


Ila said...

Nahar..cantik la punjabi suit ni..ada lagi x? akk nk la..

SYED NAHAR said...


yang ada as per paparan di entry ini sahaja...