Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Arrival : Coimbatore Saree (HABIS)

From left : gold, mustard & onion orange.

CS51 : RM70 gold SOLD to isya

CS52 : RM70 gold SOLD to fuzieah

CS53 : RM70 mustard SOLD to farehah

CS54 : RM70 onion orange SOLD to nurul

From left : chocolate & brown

CS55 : RM70 chocolate SOLD to aisyah

CS56 : RM70 brown SOLD to hannifah

From left : maroon, red, sand stone & pink lavender.

CS57 : RM70 maroon SOLD to zalina

CS58 : RM70 maroon SOLD to nurul

CS59 : RM70 red SOLD to rina

CS60 : RM70 sand stone SOLD to hannifah

CS61 : RM70 pink lavender SOLD to zalina

CS62 : RM70 pink lavender SOLD to hadiatul

From left : blue, oceanic blue, pastel purple.

CS63 : RM70 blue SOLD to hadiatul

CS64 : RM70 oceanic blue SOLD to nurbaiti

CS65 : RM70 pastel purple SOLD to ily ayuni

From left : mahendi green, turqoise & light turqoise.

CS66 : RM70 mehendi green SOLD to maya

CS67 : RM70 mahendi green SOLD to rokhaiza

CS68: RM70 turqoise SOLD to juehaida

CS69 : RM70 light turqoise SOLD to ily ayuni

CS70 : RM70 light turqoise SOLD to balqis

as updated on 30 apr 2011

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