Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lelong: Punjabi Suit (HABIS)

Model of Rose Collection

PS(L)10 RM80 : SOLD

PS(L)11 RM80 : SOLD to ciha

PS(L)12 RM80 : SOLD

PS(L)13 RM90 : SOLD to ciha

PS(L)14 RM90 : SOLD to ciha

PS(L)15 RM100 : SOLD to butik fina

PS(L)16 RM100 : SOLD to faiezah

PS(L)17 RM100 : SOLD

PS(L)18 RM100 : SOLD to butik fina
PS(L)19 RM100 : BOOKED to pem

As Updated on 15 April 2012

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