Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Coimbatore Silk Saree (HABIS)

From left: Blue Sapphire & Light Cyan.

CS125: RM70 Blue Sapphire SOLD to hafizah
CS126: RM70 Light Cyan SOLD to kursiah

From left: Dark Pastel Purple, Pure Purple, Purplish Pink, India Rose & Pink.

CS127: RM70 Dark Pastel Purple SOLD to rabiatul
CS128: RM70 Pure Purple SOLD to hadibah
CS129: RM70 Purplish Pink SOLD to shima
CS130: RM70 India Rose SOLD to haliza
CS131: RM70 Pink SOLD to Patma

From left: Classic Maroon, Maroon, Red & Sand Stone.

CS132: RM70 Classic Maroon SOLD to hidayah
CS133: RM70 Maroon SOLD to shima
CS134: RM70 Red SOLD to azzuah
CS135: RM70 Sand Stone SOLD to rabiatul

From left: Black Diamond, Brown, Mustard & Cream.

CS136: RM70 Black Diamond SOLD to rehan
CS137: RM70 Brown SOLD to lokman
CS138: RM70 Brown SOLD
CS139: RM70 Mustard SOLD to shima
CS140: RM70 Cream SOLD to marshanda
CS141: RM70 Cream SOLD

As Updated by 25 May 2012

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