Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Arrival Bangalore Silk (2/38)

From left: Chocolate, Maroon, Coral Red & Pink Lavender

BS217 RM100 Chocolate : SOLD to aida
BS218 RM100 Chocolate : Available
BS219 RM100 Chocolate : Available

BS220 RM100 Maroon : SOLD to mazlah
BS221 RM100 Maroon : SOLD to nawal

BS222 RM100 Coral Red : SOLD to hamizah aimi
BS223 RM100 Coral Red : SOLD

BS224 RM100 Pink Lavender : SOLD to mazlah
BS225 RM100 Pink Lavender : SOLD to zarinawati

From left: Navy Blue, Blue & Oceanic Blue.

BS226 RM100 Navy Blue : SOLD to nawal

BS227 RM100 Blue : SOLD to nisa
BS228 RM100 Blue : SOLD
BS229 RM100 Blue : SOLD

BS230 RM100 Oceanic Blue : SOLD to maliana
BS231 RM100 Oceanic Blue : SOLD to fadhilah

From left: Mahendi Green, Moss Green, India Green, Cyan & Light Cyan.
(Due to camera clash effected on fabric, the real colour of India Green is similar
Petronas petrol station colour code) 

BS232 RM100 Mahendi Green : SOLD to nawal
BS233 RM100 Mahendi Green : SOLD to aida
BS234 RM100 Mahendi Green : SOLD to aida
BS235 RM100 Mahendi Green : SOLD to fazilah
BS236 RM100 Mahendi Green : SOLD to norlidah

BS237 RM100 Moss Green : SOLD to aida
BS238 RM100 Moss Green : SOLD to nawal

BS239 RM100 India Green : SOLD to nisa
BS240 RM100 India Green : SOLD to aida
BS241 RM100 India Green : SOLD to aida

BS242 RM100 Cyan : SOLD to mazlah

BS243 RM100 Light Cyan : SOLD to noratina
BS244 RM100 Light Cyan : SOLD to aida

From left: Purplish Brown (Seal Brown), Purple & Pastel Purple.

BS245 RM100 Purplish Brown : SOLD to noratina
BS246 RM100 Purplish Brown : SOLD to aida
BS247 RM100 Purplish Brown : SOLD to aida
BS248 RM100 Purplish Brown : SOLD to aida
BS249 RM100 Purplish Brown : SOLD

BS250 RM100 Purple : SOLD to aida
BS251 RM100 Purple : SOLD to nadiah

BS252 RM100 Pastel Purple : SOLD to Noratina
BS253 RM100 Pastel Purple : SOLD to Sarindah
BS254 RM100 Pastel Purple : SOLD to hamizah aimi

Moss Green


Anonymous said...

Brapa meter kain ni?

Iela Fazielah said...

sy nak order mahendi green tu.. reserved kan utk saya - (012-6098480)

SYED NAHAR said...

thanks fazilah..