Saturday, January 10, 2015

Parmar Silk Creation (SOLD OUT)

- f.r.e.e  p.o.s.t.a.g.e -
(Free postage to all locations in Semenanjung Malaysia dan hanya RM5 untuk Sabah & Sarawak)

To purchase, please send me your detail such as Full Name, Complete Address and Code Item to:
+60183144177 or +60127889077 - Email

Testimoni : Thank you Miss Julia for sharing the photo.

  From left: Blue Turquoise, Blue Sapphire and Blue Black.

PSC 154 RM165 Blue Turquoise : SOLD
PSC 155 RM165 Navy Blue : SOLD
PSC 156 RM165 Blue Black : SOLD to nina

  From left: Mahendi Green, Classic Green, Dark Cyan and Dark Green (Emerald)

PSC 157 RM165 Mahendi Green Green : SOLD to amrita
PSC 158 RM165 Classic Green : SOLD to joyce
PSC 159 RM165 Cyan : SOLD
PSC 160 RM165 Emerald : SOLD to maszaitul

 From left: Yellow Mustard, Brown and Seal Brown (Purplish Brown).

PSC 161 RM165 Yellow Mustard : SOLD to erika
PSC 162 RM165 Brown : SOLD to suriati
PSC 163 RM165 Brown : SOLD
PSC 164 RM165 Brown : SOLD
PSC 165 RM165 Seal Brown : SOLD to eli
PSC 166 RM165 Seal Brown : SOLD
PSC 167 RM165 Seal Brown : SOLD

  From left: Coral Red, Maroon and Rosewood.

PSC 168 RM165 Coral Red : SOLD to suriati
PSC 169 RM165 Coral Red : SOLD to eli
PSC 170 RM165 Coral Red : BOOKED to intan
PSC 171 RM165 Coral Red : SOLD
PSC 172 RM165 Maroon : SOLD to tania
PSC 173 RM165 Maroon : SOLD to lily
PSC 174 RM165 Rosewood : SOLD
PSC 175 RM165 Rosewood : SOLD
PSC 176 RM165 Rosewood : SOLD to emy juliana
PSC 177 RM165 Rosewood : SOLD

  From left: Pastel Purple and Purple.

PSC 185 RM165 Pastel Purple : SOLD to siti rahmah
PSC 188 RM165 Purple : SOLD to maszaitul

Enjoy some close up picture taken on two samples of 
seal brown and maroon in colour of Parmar Silk Sarees:

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