Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Patil Silk Saree (SOLD OUT)

This type of Patil Silk saree is strip and unstiched, 6 metres in length. Basic element of saree, it is striply plain. The unique of this saree is that all woven works are neatly embroided with fine and colored songket thread. It has the borders on both side along 6 metres material. The full woven part is about 1.5 metres and leaving the rest plain. This demonstration is using one of the nice colour of Classic Green.

Contact: (Nahar)
Sms/ Mms/ Whatsapp - 0183144177 or 0127889077

 BSP 100 Dark Purple RM130 : SOLD

 BSP 101 Greyish Blue RM130 : SOLD to erfah

 BSP 102 Blue Turquoise RM130 : SOLD to erfah

 BSP 103 Rosewood RM130 : SOLD to erfah

 BSP 104 Purple RM130 : SOLD to erfah

BSP 105 Black Diamond RM130 : SOLD to lina

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