Thursday, April 2, 2015

Gitanjali Silk Saree : Shades of Purple (SOLD OUT)

This type of silk saree is strip and unstiched, 6 metres in length. Basic element of saree, it has the spots of woven part. The unique of this saree is that all woven works are neatly embroided with fine silver thread. It has small flower dots woven on the first 1.5 metres, full woven part for 1.5 metres and leaving the rest plain.

To purchase, please text your name, address and the Code Item to:
Nahar - 0127889077 or 0183144177

BSG 63 RM120 Lavender : SOLD to juana

BSG 64 RM120 Dark Lavender : BOOKED to zailah
BSG 65 RM120 Dark Lavender : BOOKED to zailah

BSG 66 RM120 Purple : SOLD to rosmaiza
BSG 67 RM120 Purple : SOLD

 BSG 68 RM120 Dark Purple : SOLD

 BSG 69 RM120 Maroon : SOLD to bahriah

This demonstration is using one of the nice colour of Black Diamond.

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