Tuesday, February 3, 2009


begini lah keadaan botol dia...

HIMALAYA - herbal healthcare

supplement of capsules : 60 capsules per bottle.
mostly dosage is 1 capsule twice a day, so every bottle for 1 month.
(cuba pergi tengok kat himalaya store at mid valley tingkat bawah kot, harga sebotol dlm rm43, but here is only rm15 per bottle for u. special offer! hahaha)

those are available:

1. neem - skin care; helps provide a healthy n glowing skin.
2. haridra - alergic care; useful in skin infection, allergic n oxidative stress-like leukoplakia, diabetis and tissue injury.
3. kapikachhu - men's health; helps boost sperm count.
4. ashvagandha - anti stress; first class adaptogenic (anti-stress) herb that increase endurance and energy, and counteracts anxiety and stress.
5. brahmi - alertness; promotes clarify of thought, calmness, memory, concerntation and learning.
6. arjuna - blood circulation; regulate blood circulation and promotes cardiac health.
7. karela - useful herbal support for diabetics and patients with prediabetics (impaired glucose tolerance).
8. shallaki - maintain n supports healthy joints.
9. triphala - non-habit foaming and does not disturb the intestinal flora (prokinetic cleanser).
10. amalaki - support against weakness n convalescene.
11. bael - treating dirrhea, dysentery, worms infestaion.
12. gokshura - improve male sexual desire and performace.
13. guduchi - enhance the activity of white blood cells and improves immune system.
14. haritaki - provides good health through relief from simple constipation.
15. mandukaparni - improves mental alertness (mental functioning)
16. manjishtha - reduce skin allergies n heal skin lesions.
17. meshashringi - reduces one's craving for sweet blood and useful for prediabetics, diabetics and obese diabetics.
18. punarnava - healthy urinary system
19 shatavari - nourishing herbs for women (the queen of herbs for women). promotes well-being in women during n after menopause. in nursing women, it supports lactation.
20. shigru - provides relief from painful and inflamed joints through anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic activities.
21. shuddha guggulu - protect from stroke n heart disease.
22. sunthi - provides relif from nausea associated with motion sickness, indigestion, migraine, headache and post-surgery.
23. tagara - helps calm nervous unrest n emotional troubles, promotes sleep in people with sleep deprivation.
24. trikatu - increase appetite and acts as an antiflatulent.
25. tulasi - offers complementary restorative actions to help recover faster from common cold, sore throat and other upper respiratory tract infections (URTI).
26 vasaka - effective respiratory care; liquefies sputum to facilitate expectoration.
27. vrikshamla - keep u trim n healthy (decrease body weight by improving metabolism n oxidation of fats).
28. yashtimadhu - treating heartbum n hyperracidity (exerts holistic actions).

ok tu je lah, takkan ubat gigi pun nak pesan, bahaya barang yg liquid ni tak lepas check in. hehehe...bagi yg tanya pasal viagra, memang kat sini murah sangat tapi tak sanggup la nak bertanggungjawab kalau apa-apa hal. 4 biji dlm rm10. hahaha...

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