Monday, July 11, 2011

Punjabi Suit Cotton: Mixed (HABIS)

PS41 RM120 : SOLD to qaisara
(Top : cream background with green tea embroidery & sequins, Salwar: green tea, Dupatta: mixed of green tea & cream)

PS42 RM120 : SOLD to rosia
(Top : white background with black embroidery & sequins, Salwar: black, Dupatta: mixed of black & white)

PS43 RM120 : SOLD to niza
(Top : oceanic blue background with white embroidery & sequins, Salwar: oceanic blue, Dupatta: white)

PS44 RM120 : SOLD to anjali
(Top : grey background with gold embroidery, Salwar: gold, Dupatta: mixed of gold & grey)

PS45 RM120 : SOLD to sri hamidah
PS46 RM120 : SOLD to juju
(Top : oceanic blue background with embroidery, Salwar: oceanic blue, Dupatta: mixed of oceanic blue and pink)

PS47 RM120 : SOLD to rosia
(Top : moss green with gold embroidery, Salwar: bronze, Dupatta: bronze)

PS48 RM120 : SOLD to maryam
(Top : maroon with gold embroidery, Salwar: bronze, Dupatta: bronze)

updated on 10 july 2011

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