Friday, October 11, 2013

NEW Bangalore Silk Saree (HABIS)

From left: Dark Rosewood, Maroon & Coral Red
BS255 RM100 Dark Rosewood : SOLD to nor
BS256 RM100 Maroon : SOLD to azyyati
BS257 RM100 Coral Red : SOLD to ain
BS258 RM100 Coral Red : SOLD

 From left: Seal Brown & Purple
BS259 RM100 Seal Brown : SOLD to hidayah
BS260 RM100 Purple : SOLD
 From left: Turqoise, Electric Blue & Navy Blue
BS261 RM100 Turqoise : SOLD
BS262 RM 100 Turqoise : SOLD to ain
BS263 RM100 Electric Blue : SOLD
BS264 RM100 Electric Blue : SOLD
BS265 RM100 Navy Blue : SOLD to hidayah

 From left: Classic Green, Emerald, India Green, Cyan & Mahendi Green
BS266 RM100 Classic Green  : SOLD to hidayah 
BS267 RM100 Emerald : SOLD
BS268 RM100 India Green : SOLD to miss choong
BS269 RM100 Cyan : SOLD
BS270 RM100 Mahendi : SOLD

From left: Army Black & Grey
BS278 RM100 Army Black : SOLD
BS279 RM100 Grey : SOLD to hidayah
BS280 RM100 Grey : SOLD

Sms - 0127889077
Sms/ Whatsapp/ Mms - 0183144177
As Updated on 13 Nov 2013

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