Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pesona Benang Perak (HABIS)

This type of Bangalore Silk saree is strip and unstiched, 6 metres in length. Basic element of saree, it has the spots of woven part. The unique of this saree is that all woven works are neatly embroided with fine silver thread. It has small flower dots woven on the first 1.5 metres, full woven part for 1.5 metres and leaving the rest plain. This demonstration is using one of the nice colour of Coral Pink.

Flower dots. 

 Full woven part.

The borders. 

From left: Oceanic Blue & Navy Blue

BSW01 RM120 : Oceanic Blue - SOLD to nuruliana
BSW02 RM120 : Oceanic Blue - SOLD
BSW03 RM120 : Oceanic Blue - SOLD
BSW04 RM120 : Navy Blue - SOLD to nik

From left: Coral Pink & Seal Brown

BSW05 RM120 : Coral Pink - SOLD
BSW06 RM120 : Seal Brown - SOLD to rizana

From Left: Chocolate & Black Diamond

BSW07 RM120 : Chocolate - SOLD to aisyah
BSW08 RM120 : Black Diamond - SOLD
BSW09 RM120 : Black Diamond - SOLD

From Left: Mahend Green, Cyan & Turqoise

BSW10 RM120 : Mahendi Green - SOLD to nuruliana
BSW11 RM120 : Cyan - SOLD to asilah
BSW12 RM120 : Turqoise - SOLD to salina
BSW13 RM120 : Turqoise - SOLD to ashikin

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